Smoking: Pledge To Quit


We get it: there are days that we just can’t handle. Days where the stress is overwhelming and we get home and relaxing simply doesn’t do the trick. Days where anxiety creeps up on us and the only way to help get rid of it is by picking up a cigarette. We get it. However, you must get that the potential health risk of smoking alone is not worth the time or money spent on a pack. After all, smoking places you at a higher risk for periodontal disease among other diseases (that affect the lungs and the heart.) It’s not a joke when your dentist or family members asks you to quit. Let’s take a look at why you should make the pledge to quit smoking.

Gum Disease arrives when all the germs from plaque get under the gum-line. What smoking cigarettes does is weaken the body’s immune system when it attempts to fight back against the damage, making it harder for gums to heal and worsening the effects. Let’s not forget Tooth Discoloration. Other than the large consumptions of coffee or darker liquids, you can find the extreme differences when you smoke. Your teeth can turn from white, to brown, even to black. If you care that your teeth stay in place where they’re supposed to be, you’ll definitely stop smoking. There’s an even greater risk on top of the two cases we’ve already discussed for Tooth Loss. Age and other habits are already great factors in this case, smoking only further develops the situation.

Smoking can also lead to another great enemy the world faces: cancer. While we get it, that you may have different reasons for buying a pack of cigarettes, there’s no reason to take on the risks. Here are a few resources to help you quit smoking if you’ve already adopted the habit:, Also, we would like to take this time to unveil our brand new Patient Survey. You can now take the time to fill this out if you have any conditions that we should know about prior to an appointment. Smile New Braunfels believes in safe and professionally executed procedures to help give you that perfect smile. To make an appoint, give us a call at 830-629-8011