Dos and Don'ts - After a Tooth Extraction


An unfortunate catalyst for periodontal disease is decaying teeth. Some may be more advanced to the point where you may schedule an appointment to start discussing the tooth extraction procedure. While it may not necessarily have to come to the reality of losing a single tooth (as there are a vast amount of alternative options out there for decaying teeth), it is still important to bring up the “what if” subject as you’ll want to know what to do should it come to such a procedure. You’ll want to know the do’s and don’ts after a Tooth Extraction.

Tight after the tooth has been extracted, gauze will be placed on the extraction site to help form a blood clot so the healing process may begin. The gauze will need to be held there for approximately 30-45 minutes. Should the bleeding still persist after the recommended time period, what you should do is add a secondary gauze for another 30 minutes just to be sure the bleeding stops. The tricky part is not disturbing or disrupting the extraction area after the formation of the blood clot. It’s still important to continue your dental routine, however, two big things to avoid during this period is brushing around the extraction area or rinsing vigorously. Habits such as drinking or smoking should also be avoided – as well as sucking through straws up to 72 hours. Due to rising blood pressure, another “don’t” is vigorous exercising for at least 24 hours.

We’ll ask that your daily dental routine resumes after a day with the formed blood clot. Should you experience any pain or swelling, cold compresses as well as taking Tylenol as directed will help with the discomfort. Here at Smile New Braunfels, we believe in safe and professional procedures for your personal dental health. Should you have persistent discomfort after a procedure or would like to set up an appointment, give us a call at 830-629-8011.