How to Brush: Tongue Bacteria

Seeing as brushing your teeth every day can seem a bit like a chore, you’ll want to believe that once you’ve scrubbed the inner, outer, and upper portions of your teeth that you’re finished. However, there’s a spot that many are missing when they attempt to satisfy their oral hygiene. You’re doing your mouth a huge disservice if you’re not brushing the bacteria off your tongue. It’s big and noticeable, but frequently gets skipped over in the average brushing routine.  Here’s why it’s important to brush your tongue.

Your mouth is FILLED with bacteria; in fact, a single mouth is said to host billions of bacteria. Now, your focus when brushing tends to be in, on, and around your teeth, but your tongue can nest 30-40% of the bacteria in your mouth. Going without brushing your tongue can cause serious issues for your oral hygiene, most notably, periodontal disease (most adults already live with some form of gingivitis). A simple way to prevent the disease is by scrubbing that tongue bacteria away. Leaving your tongue untouched could also lead to a layer of bacteria, food particles, and dead skin cells, referred to as biofilm, to reduce the efficacy of your taste buds. But the number one thing you should be concerned about not brushing your tongue: bad breath. You may think it’s in the teeth, but the bacteria on the tongue is the true culprit for causing the odor.

There you have it. These issues – periodontal disease, dulled taste buds, bad breath, and more – can all be resolved simply by scrubbing your tongue while you take care of your teeth. This is a growing problem that many are unaware they are facing. If you’re suffering from any oral hygiene issues at all, give us a call at 830-629-8011 for a consultation. Also, check out our Services Page if you’re in need of a treatment that’s done professionally and safely.