How To Properly Brush Your Teeth


When it comes to Oral Hygiene, proper brushing seems like the big elephant in the room. It’s increasingly less talked about because simple priorities such as brushing your teeth just aren’t completed. Despite this apparent lack of concern, 3 out of 4 adults over the ages of 35 are infected with gum disease. With that fact alone, brushing and flossing everyday shouldn’t seem like a huge task. Regardless, Oral Hygiene should remain one of the top priorities in your overall health, as it affects your image and body. Even then, just scrubbing your teeth begrudgingly won’t do you any good, either. Here is the 101 on how to brush your teeth properly.

Floss – Your brush can’t reach everywhere. Grab a 18 inch long floss line, insert it between each tooth, and create a C shape with each tooth side. Do not forget about the back sides of the upper or lower teeth. Try to get in the habit of flossing before brushing your teeth as the task will already be accomplished in case you may be running late or have other priorities.

The front teeth – First, you’ll want to hold your brush at a 45 degree angle and place it to where the gum and teeth meet. The keyword to scrubbing is “gently.” Gently stroke each tooth with circular motions several times before moving on to the next. We recommend that you invest in a sonicare toothbrush as it does much of the work for you; from letting you know when too much pressure is added to the proper amount of time spent brushing your teeth.

The inner jaw – The same tactic applies here. The difference comes in with the upper and lower front teeth. With those, you’ll want to adjust your brush vertically and stroke each backside along their surfaces as well as the surrounding gum areas.

The biting surface – With, once again, gentle strokes, you’ll want to move your brush along the biting surface of your upper and lower jaw. Adjust your angle accordingly to minimize discomfort while brushing. Finally, you’ll want to rinse in order to lose the loosened plaque that most likely came off during the brushing process.

Brushing and flossing properly will reduce the need for major oral surgery. However, a professional cleaning is always needed to keep your teeth sparkling. Jim Peck, DDS offers safe and thorough procedures and examinations. Make an appointment when you give us a call at: 830-629-8011.