Invest In: Tooth Colored Restorations


Suffering through external damage or cavities from gum disease can be a serious blow to your dental health and your personal image. While it’s very easy to disregard oral hygiene issues such as this and fall into the trap of “dealing with it,” we have a much safer option that can solve everything within a few appointment days. Tooth Colored Restorations help our patients much more in the long run – read on to see why. We believe in procedures that are safe and lasting. Here’s why you should invest in our Tooth Colored Fillings procedure.

The First Appointment. After a thorough evaluation utilizing digital x-ray images as well as a high magnification visual exam, we together determine if your older alloy or composite fillings need replacing.  We look for gaps around the edges, cracks, dark areas or unusual wear facets.  Not all old fillings are bad.  In fact, most are just fine.  I’ll use a close up camera to show you why I think something needs to be replaced.  I want you to fully understand everything.

The Second Appointment. We use topical numbing before any dental anesthetic.  I utilize a technique where I jiggle your cheek while placing the anesthetic very, very slowly.  I can almost promise you that you won’t even know I’m doing anything.  Once numb, we will remove the old filling making certain all the old material goes into our suction and not you.  We use a cavity detection dye on the tooth and under 10x magnification through my microscope.  I’ll know all the decay is out.  The scope allows me to see so much better than those little magnifying glasses.  It truly is a different world through the microscope.  

The tooth is then carefully conditioned to make the filling material bond to the tooth.  Then the composite is placed in tiny increments and each bit gets light cured (hardened) individually.  Once the tooth is full, we shape it, adjust the bite and polish it to a mirror glaze.

Advantages of Tooth Colored Restorations. Evolving from the medieval-like silver fillings, tooth colored restorations are both more natural in appearance and more comfortable. These restorations may also help to keep damaged teeth intact. The resin used in this restoration also contains fluoride that will help prevent tooth decay, leaving you with a stronger tooth.

We’d like to reiterate that this safe procedure is meant to last you many years. If you have fractured teeth or are experiencing any other issues with oral hygiene, make an appointment with Jim Peck, DDS by calling: 830-629-8011.