Smile New Braunfels Tech

The mission of Smile N.B. has always been to improve oral hygiene and create better smiles for all of New Braunfels. We provide our patients with  teeth whitening, bonding, fillings, and more. Treating our patients, and getting to the cause of their problems would not be possible without the technology that assists us. Smile New Braunfels makes use of technology in the professional arena to assist in giving you the smile you deserve.

  • Dental Microscope. Traditionally, Dentists would use ‘loupes’ to examine a patient’s teeth. It’s in our experience that we find using the microscope much more effective. The Dental Microscope allows us to achieve a better view of a patient’s tooth and thus, allows for more precise work to be done.
  • Dental Laser. This special laser is primarily used in re-shaping gum tissue when a cavity or crown is just below the gum line. For us to ultimately get a good impression of the edge of the tooth, the laser allows us to re-locate that gum tissue and not only then see the margin of the tooth but more importantly for the patient to be able to clean the area effectively for better, long term results. Use of the laser may also help shape the tooth, remove decay, and result in lower post-filling sensitivity.
  • Intraoral Camera. This digital pen-like camera can be a patient’s best friend; it explains what issues are occurring with their teeth and helps the dentist explain what treatments are necessary for the patient to have. It will allow the patient to see what we see.
  • Digital X-Rays.  X-Rays done via digitally are faster, more accurate, and use 70% less radiation. Once x-rays are taken of the teeth, we’ll then show our patients what’s occurring and we can adjust the tint, color, and depth-of-field.

All of these tools help you on your journey to having a better smile. Don’t wait to make an appointment. Give us a call at 830-629-8011.