A New Years Resolution For 2019


Here we are again: the twilight end of another year with the hopeful outlook for 2019. The start of a new year offers up a new beginning. For many of us, we want in some form or another to find ways to better ourselves; obviously, in the form of resolutions - those promises that, practical or impractical, most attempt to uphold the best they can. Keeping up with your oral health is incredibly imperative, and we’ve tackled many subjects in 2018 as to why that is - gum disease, other pains - and it’s certainly a wish that many will continue with their daily routine. However, there are many aspects of care that are generally overlooked that we’d like to bring up in this blog and hope you keep with you as a part of your New Years Resolution for 2019.

Let’s get an easily overlooked one out of the way first: mouthwash. In spite of how good of a job anyone does when they brush and floss, the harsh reality is that there’s still food particles in other unreachable places. With a quick 30-second rinse of mouthwash, you can rid yourself of the tinier bacteria and help keep your teeth safe. Brushing your tongue is almost equally imperative as your teeth. A big portion of bacteria is present on the tongue and the task is simple: right after you finish brushing your teeth, use the bristles to gently go over the surface of your tongue. Your brush may even have another side to it with smaller bristle for getting the job done. And of course, last but certainly never stressed enough: flossing. This is one of the most undervalued and unaccomplished tasks as a part of the daily routine. So much of the bacteria in our mouth is lodged between our teeth. If gone ignored, not flossing will increase your chances of getting gum disease early on as well as other fatal conditions (as the gums are linked to the heart.)

Accomplishing these tasks and simple, and you’ll be able to feel a sense of fulfillment that you’ve been able to keep up with a New Years Resolution. Of course, if you’ve kept up with your daily routine, a simple resolution could be to continue that routine; the job never ends. If you’re falling to any pains, conditions, or otherwise, Smile New Braunfels believes in safe and professional procedures to help you on your journey to gain a better smile. To see what we offer, check out our list of services and give us a call at 830-629-8011.