Tooth Loss Prevention


Now, I know what you’re thinking: it’s easy, right? All you have to do is perform a daily routine of brushing and flossing accompanied by the regular six month visit to your dentist. While this is true, there are many other factors when it comes to be subjected to tooth loss. And yes, age is a part of that conversation, but as we get older and our bones start weakening, we must flip the subject to “how can we make our teeth stronger?” Let’s go over the variables about what you can do to help fight against Tooth Loss and to keep that dentist record going strong.

Let’s get the first, and most obvious, out of the way: your diet. One thing you can’t control while brushing your teeth are those food particles that are simply unreachable. What you can control: what you eat. Imagine the damaging effects from massive amounts of sugar or fast food intake compared to eating way more healthier foods. The difference isn’t shocking; especially since sugar is as addicting as any drug in the world.

The next no-go when it comes to oral health: tobacco products. We’ve already discussed the effects of cigarettes, but don’t let other tobacco products - chewing, smoking, or otherwise - off the hook. These products can hasten the effects of gum disease. Let’s say it once more for the people in the back, these products can hasten the effects of gum disease! Do not be the one to fall into the “it’s going to happen anyway crowd”; tooth loss can be costly both health wise and financially. If you’re stressed and have that temptation, start finding a healthier way to release that stress.

Speaking of stress, teeth grinding is another thing to be aware of. Bruxism (the official term) is done often unconsciously and when we’re at our most vulnerable. It’s imperative to understand why scraping your teeth together is bad. Bruxism can lead to bone tissue loss and already start loosening certain teeth. If you believe you are experiencing this, or find yourself weighted with stress, let us know. Here at Smile New Braunfels, we can create a custom mouth guard to prevent Bruxism - even while you’re sleeping.*

Of course, one of the easiest ways to prevent tooth loss is by making sure you’re flossing regularly AND correctly. There’s no reason to give up on your daily routine. Let’s keep your smile intact for years to come. Smile New Braunfels maintains a firm belief in safe and professional cosmetic dental procedures. Take this time to check out our services and schedule your next appointment by giving us a call at 830-629-8011.

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Smoking: Pledge To Quit


We get it: there are days that we just can’t handle. Days where the stress is overwhelming and we get home and relaxing simply doesn’t do the trick. Days where anxiety creeps up on us and the only way to help get rid of it is by picking up a cigarette. We get it. However, you must get that the potential health risk of smoking alone is not worth the time or money spent on a pack. After all, smoking places you at a higher risk for periodontal disease among other diseases (that affect the lungs and the heart.) It’s not a joke when your dentist or family members asks you to quit. Let’s take a look at why you should make the pledge to quit smoking.

Gum Disease arrives when all the germs from plaque get under the gum-line. What smoking cigarettes does is weaken the body’s immune system when it attempts to fight back against the damage, making it harder for gums to heal and worsening the effects. Let’s not forget Tooth Discoloration. Other than the large consumptions of coffee or darker liquids, you can find the extreme differences when you smoke. Your teeth can turn from white, to brown, even to black. If you care that your teeth stay in place where they’re supposed to be, you’ll definitely stop smoking. There’s an even greater risk on top of the two cases we’ve already discussed for Tooth Loss. Age and other habits are already great factors in this case, smoking only further develops the situation.

Smoking can also lead to another great enemy the world faces: cancer. While we get it, that you may have different reasons for buying a pack of cigarettes, there’s no reason to take on the risks. Here are a few resources to help you quit smoking if you’ve already adopted the habit:, Also, we would like to take this time to unveil our brand new Patient Survey. You can now take the time to fill this out if you have any conditions that we should know about prior to an appointment. Smile New Braunfels believes in safe and professionally executed procedures to help give you that perfect smile. To make an appoint, give us a call at 830-629-8011

Procedural Spotlight: Sealants


When it comes to our oral health, let’s face it: we can be a bit short-sighted. While we may take care of our teeth by brushing and flossing daily, there’s no escaping the inevitable fact that our teeth may begin to decay. Don’t hit the panic button just yet! Tooth decay is natural in the cycle of our teeth health. The main factors behind this progression: age, food particles that brushing or flossing just can’t reach, acids, etc. However, there is a solution that is easy, simple, and effective. This is our Smile New Braunfels procedural spotlight on Sealants.

Sealants are typically applied to the biting surface of the jaw. The unbeknownst impact made to our teeth simply by chewing or having an unnecessary habit of clenching and grinding creates deep grooves. These grooves make the teeth vulnerable to plaque and other food particles. When sealants are applied, a tooth-colored acrylic coating is gently painted over the biting surface, effectively sealing the grooves and protecting these depressions from bacteria. How long will this take our patients? Only minutes for each tooth. The lifetime of sealants under normal chewing circumstances can last up to a few years and can be reapplied if needed. This procedure is not only limited to adults; parents can start thinking about this option for their children.

Start thinking about how you can better protect your teeth. Sealants is one of many ways that puts your smile on the path to being brighter. However, if you’re unsure of undergoing any procedure here at Smile New Braunfels, you can simply make an initial examination appointment. During this, we’ll be able to identify the right course of action for your dental health. For more information on our procedures, check out our Services Page and give us a call at 830-629-8011 to set up an appointment with us.

Procedural Spotlight: Teeth Whitening



The phrase “you are what you eat” very much applies to the color of your teeth. Teeth are often stained unbeknownst to us; whether it’s a sip of coffee or wine, or eating darker textured foods. At some point, you may want to start considering whitening your teeth to retrieve that smile. The first thought is usually the cheapest: over-the-counter products. However, some of these over-the-counter products can cause more harm than good to your teeth and gums. Which is why you should consider Smile NB’s professional and safe procedure of Teeth Whitening.

Our Teeth Whitening procedure takes place over two appointment periods. We’ll first need an examination to see the extent of your teeth’s discoloration. Then an impression of your lower and upper jaw will be taken in order to design a custom-made mouth guard to hold our teeth bleaching product in place. Bleach splints will be provided for you to put inside the mouthguard. The wearing of the mouthguard only costs you 3-4 hours out of your day for a week or two. The results will begin showing efficiently – and without any changes to your teeth structure. You can even determine which portion of your jaw you wish to brighten.

While coming discoloration of the teeth can be caused by what we ingest, sometimes it can come from simply aging. That said, there are severe cases – caused by smoking or other unhealthy habits – in which our office will recommend a different treatment altogether in order to help gain a brilliant smile. For more information on our Teeth Whitening service, please visit our Services Page that includes a video on the procedure. Here at Smile New Braunfels, we believe in safe and professional procedures that can only benefit your dental health. If you have any questions regarding Teeth Whitening or simply wish to set up an appointment, give us a call at 830-629-8011.

Sleep Apnea Awareness

Do you have symptoms of loud snoring during the night? What about feeling drowsy even after you’ve gotten a full night of sleep? Sleep Apnea is a disorder in which a person’s breathing repeatedly starts and stops throughout the night. This can cause major problems for your heart and possibly even death. Some cases may not be extreme as others, but the disorder needs to be treated as soon as the symptoms are identified. Let’s discuss this underdiagnosed disorder that is affecting at least 22 million in the nation and what we can do for you here, at Smile NB.

The most common cases of Sleep Apnea are what are known as obstructive. This occurs when the tonsils, certain muscles around the uvula, and the side walls around the throat and tongue relax to the point where they narrow the airway and make it difficult to breathe during a night’s rest. As this occurs, the oxygen levels in your bloodstream will be lowered and, as this goes on, the heart will find it difficult to keep up with. So what can be done about this? The common method is to put patients on a CPAP machine. However, those machines have been found to be uncomfortable. An easier solution for this would be for us to design a custom mouthguard that will hold the lower jaw forward to ease up on the obstruction and make it more adequate for sleeping.

We’d just like to stress once again that Sleep Apnea is a seriously underdiagnosed disorder within the nation. We want you to come in as soon as possible if you find any issues that occur with your sleep patterns or even snoring. Let’s identify this problem early on so we can come up with the best treatment plan for you. Here at Smile New Braunfels, we believe in safe and professional procedures that improve your dental health. Give us a call to set up an appointment at 830-629-8011, and don’t forget to watch our video addressing Sleep Apnea.

Dos and Don'ts - After a Tooth Extraction


An unfortunate catalyst for periodontal disease is decaying teeth. Some may be more advanced to the point where you may schedule an appointment to start discussing the tooth extraction procedure. While it may not necessarily have to come to the reality of losing a single tooth (as there are a vast amount of alternative options out there for decaying teeth), it is still important to bring up the “what if” subject as you’ll want to know what to do should it come to such a procedure. You’ll want to know the do’s and don’ts after a Tooth Extraction.

Tight after the tooth has been extracted, gauze will be placed on the extraction site to help form a blood clot so the healing process may begin. The gauze will need to be held there for approximately 30-45 minutes. Should the bleeding still persist after the recommended time period, what you should do is add a secondary gauze for another 30 minutes just to be sure the bleeding stops. The tricky part is not disturbing or disrupting the extraction area after the formation of the blood clot. It’s still important to continue your dental routine, however, two big things to avoid during this period is brushing around the extraction area or rinsing vigorously. Habits such as drinking or smoking should also be avoided – as well as sucking through straws up to 72 hours. Due to rising blood pressure, another “don’t” is vigorous exercising for at least 24 hours.

We’ll ask that your daily dental routine resumes after a day with the formed blood clot. Should you experience any pain or swelling, cold compresses as well as taking Tylenol as directed will help with the discomfort. Here at Smile New Braunfels, we believe in safe and professional procedures for your personal dental health. Should you have persistent discomfort after a procedure or would like to set up an appointment, give us a call at 830-629-8011.

What to Avoid After a Bridge or Crown Appointment

Teeth will age with us, and as we age, it’s possible that your teeth encounter some endeavors where they may have to be removed or the dental work that came before is simply wearing off. Bridges and Crowns are important for the rehabilitation of your teeth, post tooth loss or replacing those old fillings. The one thing these two procedures have in common is that first appointment: a mold is taken of your teeth and a temporary Bridge or Crown will be applied to the area of operation. Where things get tricky is when we send you home. Your mouth is anesthetized, there’s an odd pressure occurring on the area, and slightly distressing: there may be some sensitivity. Here’s what to avoid after that initial Bridge or Crown appointment.

Your diets and habits may be going through a slight change while the temporary appliances hold everything in place. The obvious is to be avoided (smoking) but we recommend that sticky substances be avoided too – such as gum. The main types of food you should avoid are the hard kinds. Leave the chips, any kinds of nuts, or frozen food in the fridge until after the full restoration is complete in the second appointment. Concerning brushing and flossing, it’s important to go back to a repeated tip: brush with as little pressure as you can; and when flossing around the temporary Bridge or Crown, be extra careful not to dislodge them.

Once the time comes for the follow-up, the restoration will be complete and following a few days to a week of recovery, everything may go back to normal. (See our blog on Post Cosmetic Operations for more information: Post-Procedure Recovery: What’s Next?) Please note, that the pressure and sensitivity are natural – and the pain may be taken care of via pain medication as instructed by our offices. However, if there’s continuous pain, an uneven bite, or should the temporary Bridge or Crown come out – we ask that you call our office immediately: 830-629-8011.

How to Brush: Tongue Bacteria

Seeing as brushing your teeth every day can seem a bit like a chore, you’ll want to believe that once you’ve scrubbed the inner, outer, and upper portions of your teeth that you’re finished. However, there’s a spot that many are missing when they attempt to satisfy their oral hygiene. You’re doing your mouth a huge disservice if you’re not brushing the bacteria off your tongue. It’s big and noticeable, but frequently gets skipped over in the average brushing routine.  Here’s why it’s important to brush your tongue.

Your mouth is FILLED with bacteria; in fact, a single mouth is said to host billions of bacteria. Now, your focus when brushing tends to be in, on, and around your teeth, but your tongue can nest 30-40% of the bacteria in your mouth. Going without brushing your tongue can cause serious issues for your oral hygiene, most notably, periodontal disease (most adults already live with some form of gingivitis). A simple way to prevent the disease is by scrubbing that tongue bacteria away. Leaving your tongue untouched could also lead to a layer of bacteria, food particles, and dead skin cells, referred to as biofilm, to reduce the efficacy of your taste buds. But the number one thing you should be concerned about not brushing your tongue: bad breath. You may think it’s in the teeth, but the bacteria on the tongue is the true culprit for causing the odor.

There you have it. These issues – periodontal disease, dulled taste buds, bad breath, and more – can all be resolved simply by scrubbing your tongue while you take care of your teeth. This is a growing problem that many are unaware they are facing. If you’re suffering from any oral hygiene issues at all, give us a call at 830-629-8011 for a consultation. Also, check out our Services Page if you’re in need of a treatment that’s done professionally and safely.