Stress On Our Teeth? Oh No!


It’s the same during every holiday season; the frantic running around, work somehow gets even busier, and the commitments keep attacking and attacking without end. All of these crazy factors of the holiday season lead to one of the biggest enemies of our daily lives: stress. We can’t completely do away with stress completely, as it’s also a key driving force in our motivation. However, what we’re talking about in this blog are the effects stress has on our oral health and how we can feel less stressed out to save our teeth from meeting an awful fate as we get older.

Let’s get the obvious statement out of the way: stress can have some serious side effects of our daily lives. A big subject we tend to discuss in our blogs is gum disease. Stress likes to eat away at our health more than you realize; it lowers our immune system to make suffering through illnesses, gum disease, and other diseases possible. Another condition you may suffer from under stress: Bruxism. This term refers to the grinding against your teeth, and it is often brought on by stress. Teeth-grinding causes damage to the enamel of our teeth and can lead easily to tooth loss. It can also lead to headaches and soreness of the jaw. Tooth decay isn’t just a result of Bruxism, but also of neglecting our routine. It’s built into us that when we’re under tremendous amounts of pressure that we’ll neglect even the most basic of routines; such as brushing and flossing. This daily routine is imperative to keep up with no matter the circumstances. Stress may also lead to harmful conditions such as dry mouth and canker sores.

However, with a problem, there is a solution. There are tons of ways for us to get over the hurtles of stress so we may lead healthier lives. We’d like to take a few moments to provide you with a few resources to helping you feel more relaxed in your every day life:

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