The Tooth Alternative: Crowns


Many times, we’ve brought up the unfortunate inevitable event that age, gum disease, or other simple life factors lead to tooth loss. A big elephant in the room, tooth loss isn’t simply subscribed to the natural cycle of the human body. The outside forces are there, and they are all around the world. Car wrecks, other forms of accidents, even assault - any of these can knock a tooth (painfully) right out of place. As if you didn’t have to worry about age, it’d be a matter of going to the right person to help generate a smile again. At Smile New Braunfels, a crown won’t look like simple dentistry.

A major worry when it comes to crowns is that it’ll appear noticeable when you smile. Our goal is to blend the tooth restoration perfectly amongst the others. This is why that first office visit, we spend the prep time working to shape the injured tooth. The final crown will be in progress as you’ll leave with a temporary crown in the place where the finished model will be installed in that next visit. Crowns are usually bonded to porcelain or gold for higher strength. Particularly in accident cases where the tooth has been seriously damaged, crowns will provide that long term solution.

Crowns aren’t just a cosmetic procedure to make you look good. They’ve been proven to help with chewing by giving weakened teeth proper structure. There’s no shortage of accidents in the world; when those arrive, it’s best to have a solution ready for you. Here at Smile New Braunfels, we believe in safe and professional cosmetic procedures to help you maintain your oral health. It’s vital that we become more aware of how we’re treating ourselves - and go to the right dentist to help treat you. If you have any questions or need to set up an appointment, give us a call at 830-629-8011.

The Case of Sleep Apnea


Most people that suffer from Sleep Apnea barely know they have it. The symptoms will vary but are apparent nonetheless; restless sleeping, waking with a choking feeling, snoring is the most common. And most of these untreated, undiagnosed people are those in their mid-to-late twenties and is slowly affecting those in their early twenties. Not treating Sleep Apnea can lead to a multitude of issues with the human body. Identifying that you have this rampant sleeping disorder is only the first step. Receiving help from Smile New Braunfels doesn’t just better your health, it’ll truly save your life.

First, the big question is: what is Sleep Apnea? Yes, we’ve gone over this many times, but this disorder is so uncommon and still gone untreated that we have to speak louder for the people in the back. Sleep Apnea occurs when the respiratory system has an obstructive or cerebral block that delays oxygen to the body during a night’s rest. Obstructions can be caused by large tonsils, a large tongue, or even (and especially lately) from nasal congestion brought on by allergies. When the blockage occurs (most notable symptom: loud snoring), the blood cells do not receive the oxygen they need. Hence, why the biggest symptom after awakening is the feeling of tiredness that follows you the remainder of the day. Due to Sleep Apnea, the victim could suffer effects like high blood pressure, irregular heartbeats that can lead to a heart attack, depression, and can even lead to a stroke.

Typically, when patients go to their doctor with this disorder, a common approach would be the big and bulky CPAP machine. Many people find such a machine uncomfortable to wear during sleep, which defeats the purpose of a healthier sleep. Here at Smile New Braunfels, we can develop a custom made device that will hold the lower jaw forward to relieve the obstruction to the airway. A better and healthier night’s sleep is possible. Let’s catch this disorder early on to save a life and pass the word on so more people are aware of this deadly sleeping disorder. Schedule an appointment with us by giving us a call at 830-629-8011.

My Gums Are Bleeding! What Do I Do?


There’s a similar dissatisfied opinion when it comes to flossing. Most people wind up saying that they refuse to floss because their teeth are sore afterward and sometimes they’ll pull back on the floss to find their gums are bleeding. The mentality of “maybe I did something wrong” causes people to start slacking when it comes to oral health. Although hemophobia (fear of blood) is common among people, it’s important to realize that the bleeding, soreness, etc will recede once you fit flossing into your daily routine. “But what if the bleeding persists? What if it could be on the off-chance something else?” Well, let’s go over the facts of why your gums are bleeding in the first place…

First, let’s state the most common fact that we know: most of us, particularly when we’re younger, don’t fit flossing into the daily routine. Because of this, plaque begins to build up and make its home along the gumline. As that plaque sits there, it begins deteriorating at the gums. The body will do its best to fight back and cause us to have inflammatory gums. When someone takes a sabbatical from flossing for say, a week or so, the flossing will remove the plaque thus exposing the sensitive tissue of the gum. Thus, you’ll begin to bleed. This won’t always be the case if you keep up the routine of brushing and flossing daily. Eventually, your teeth will get stronger and your gums will be less likely be subjected to gingivitis.

However, let’s entertain the conversation that you still can’t find it in yourself to floss. This could be a very serious condition that might be related to Gum Disease. The disease can affect your overall health and leave your body open to other diseases as well - as noted many times, the gums are directly linked to the heart. If you find yourself with consistent bleeding, soreness, or any other ailments, make an appointment at Smile New Braunfels. We’re firm believers in safe and professional cosmetic procedures that allow you to retain that bright smile. Give us a call at 830-629-8011 to set up that initial examination.

Safe & Professional Cosmetic Procedures

There’s a definite worry when it comes to visiting anyone in the health care arena. Dealing with a doctor, dealing with a specialist, or even dealing with - in this case - a professional dentist causes questions that are attached to the giant “what if” questions that feed into our anxieties. Massive stereotypes such as “the dentist hounds on me because I haven’t flossed my teeth” is a common myth that we’re here to criticize and/or make you feel bad over not having a routine solidified in their daily schedule. So we’ll make the record crystal clear for anyone who might be hesitant about making that initial appointment: we’re here to help you. The office of Jim Peck DDS is only set out to accomplish what is safe and professional for all of our patients.

During our first appointment together, the initial necessary step before determining what we’ll have to work on with you are examining your teeth. No one has to jump the gun on any massive surgeries, medications, or any other unprofessional pre-judgments. And if there is any cosmetic procedure that is needed to be done, we’ll discuss it in a clear manner what we’ll need from you; time, preparation, and of course money. There’s no piece of information that we’ll keep in hiding, and for reassurance, we’ll discuss the step-by-step process of how such cosmetic procedure will work. Any visit, no matter how long the procedure takes, our office will make sure you’re comfortable enough to go through with it. As for after-pain, we’ll share with you what we’ll think is the best approach to handling yourself when you leave for home.

Smile New Braunfels holds, to the highest honor, the definitions of “safe” and “professional.” We want you to come in and leave with a new and improved smile on your face. Our office is here to help you; not judge, not criticize, and definitely not to harass you about your teeth. Let’s leave self-diagnosing and pre-conceived notions at the door and solve any problems you may be experiencing. If you’re curious as to any of our services, take a look to see what Smile New Braunfels can do for you. Asking questions or setting up an appointment can be made when you give us a call at your convenience: 830-629-8011.

A New Years Resolution For 2019


Here we are again: the twilight end of another year with the hopeful outlook for 2019. The start of a new year offers up a new beginning. For many of us, we want in some form or another to find ways to better ourselves; obviously, in the form of resolutions - those promises that, practical or impractical, most attempt to uphold the best they can. Keeping up with your oral health is incredibly imperative, and we’ve tackled many subjects in 2018 as to why that is - gum disease, other pains - and it’s certainly a wish that many will continue with their daily routine. However, there are many aspects of care that are generally overlooked that we’d like to bring up in this blog and hope you keep with you as a part of your New Years Resolution for 2019.

Let’s get an easily overlooked one out of the way first: mouthwash. In spite of how good of a job anyone does when they brush and floss, the harsh reality is that there’s still food particles in other unreachable places. With a quick 30-second rinse of mouthwash, you can rid yourself of the tinier bacteria and help keep your teeth safe. Brushing your tongue is almost equally imperative as your teeth. A big portion of bacteria is present on the tongue and the task is simple: right after you finish brushing your teeth, use the bristles to gently go over the surface of your tongue. Your brush may even have another side to it with smaller bristle for getting the job done. And of course, last but certainly never stressed enough: flossing. This is one of the most undervalued and unaccomplished tasks as a part of the daily routine. So much of the bacteria in our mouth is lodged between our teeth. If gone ignored, not flossing will increase your chances of getting gum disease early on as well as other fatal conditions (as the gums are linked to the heart.)

Accomplishing these tasks and simple, and you’ll be able to feel a sense of fulfillment that you’ve been able to keep up with a New Years Resolution. Of course, if you’ve kept up with your daily routine, a simple resolution could be to continue that routine; the job never ends. If you’re falling to any pains, conditions, or otherwise, Smile New Braunfels believes in safe and professional procedures to help you on your journey to gain a better smile. To see what we offer, check out our list of services and give us a call at 830-629-8011.

Stress On Our Teeth? Oh No!


It’s the same during every holiday season; the frantic running around, work somehow gets even busier, and the commitments keep attacking and attacking without end. All of these crazy factors of the holiday season lead to one of the biggest enemies of our daily lives: stress. We can’t completely do away with stress completely, as it’s also a key driving force in our motivation. However, what we’re talking about in this blog are the effects stress has on our oral health and how we can feel less stressed out to save our teeth from meeting an awful fate as we get older.

Let’s get the obvious statement out of the way: stress can have some serious side effects of our daily lives. A big subject we tend to discuss in our blogs is gum disease. Stress likes to eat away at our health more than you realize; it lowers our immune system to make suffering through illnesses, gum disease, and other diseases possible. Another condition you may suffer from under stress: Bruxism. This term refers to the grinding against your teeth, and it is often brought on by stress. Teeth-grinding causes damage to the enamel of our teeth and can lead easily to tooth loss. It can also lead to headaches and soreness of the jaw. Tooth decay isn’t just a result of Bruxism, but also of neglecting our routine. It’s built into us that when we’re under tremendous amounts of pressure that we’ll neglect even the most basic of routines; such as brushing and flossing. This daily routine is imperative to keep up with no matter the circumstances. Stress may also lead to harmful conditions such as dry mouth and canker sores.

However, with a problem, there is a solution. There are tons of ways for us to get over the hurtles of stress so we may lead healthier lives. We’d like to take a few moments to provide you with a few resources to helping you feel more relaxed in your every day life:

Here at Smile New Braunfels, we strive for you to retain a beautiful smile, whether we have to go through one procedure or another. We believe in safe and professional practices to keep all of our patients healthy and at ease. For any questions regarding us or if you’d like to schedule an appointment, give us a call at 830-629-8011.

Tooth Loss Prevention


Now, I know what you’re thinking: it’s easy, right? All you have to do is perform a daily routine of brushing and flossing accompanied by the regular six month visit to your dentist. While this is true, there are many other factors when it comes to be subjected to tooth loss. And yes, age is a part of that conversation, but as we get older and our bones start weakening, we must flip the subject to “how can we make our teeth stronger?” Let’s go over the variables about what you can do to help fight against Tooth Loss and to keep that dentist record going strong.

Let’s get the first, and most obvious, out of the way: your diet. One thing you can’t control while brushing your teeth are those food particles that are simply unreachable. What you can control: what you eat. Imagine the damaging effects from massive amounts of sugar or fast food intake compared to eating way more healthier foods. The difference isn’t shocking; especially since sugar is as addicting as any drug in the world.

The next no-go when it comes to oral health: tobacco products. We’ve already discussed the effects of cigarettes, but don’t let other tobacco products - chewing, smoking, or otherwise - off the hook. These products can hasten the effects of gum disease. Let’s say it once more for the people in the back, these products can hasten the effects of gum disease! Do not be the one to fall into the “it’s going to happen anyway crowd”; tooth loss can be costly both health wise and financially. If you’re stressed and have that temptation, start finding a healthier way to release that stress.

Speaking of stress, teeth grinding is another thing to be aware of. Bruxism (the official term) is done often unconsciously and when we’re at our most vulnerable. It’s imperative to understand why scraping your teeth together is bad. Bruxism can lead to bone tissue loss and already start loosening certain teeth. If you believe you are experiencing this, or find yourself weighted with stress, let us know. Here at Smile New Braunfels, we can create a custom mouth guard to prevent Bruxism - even while you’re sleeping.*

Of course, one of the easiest ways to prevent tooth loss is by making sure you’re flossing regularly AND correctly. There’s no reason to give up on your daily routine. Let’s keep your smile intact for years to come. Smile New Braunfels maintains a firm belief in safe and professional cosmetic dental procedures. Take this time to check out our services and schedule your next appointment by giving us a call at 830-629-8011.

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Smoking: Pledge To Quit


We get it: there are days that we just can’t handle. Days where the stress is overwhelming and we get home and relaxing simply doesn’t do the trick. Days where anxiety creeps up on us and the only way to help get rid of it is by picking up a cigarette. We get it. However, you must get that the potential health risk of smoking alone is not worth the time or money spent on a pack. After all, smoking places you at a higher risk for periodontal disease among other diseases (that affect the lungs and the heart.) It’s not a joke when your dentist or family members asks you to quit. Let’s take a look at why you should make the pledge to quit smoking.

Gum Disease arrives when all the germs from plaque get under the gum-line. What smoking cigarettes does is weaken the body’s immune system when it attempts to fight back against the damage, making it harder for gums to heal and worsening the effects. Let’s not forget Tooth Discoloration. Other than the large consumptions of coffee or darker liquids, you can find the extreme differences when you smoke. Your teeth can turn from white, to brown, even to black. If you care that your teeth stay in place where they’re supposed to be, you’ll definitely stop smoking. There’s an even greater risk on top of the two cases we’ve already discussed for Tooth Loss. Age and other habits are already great factors in this case, smoking only further develops the situation.

Smoking can also lead to another great enemy the world faces: cancer. While we get it, that you may have different reasons for buying a pack of cigarettes, there’s no reason to take on the risks. Here are a few resources to help you quit smoking if you’ve already adopted the habit:, Also, we would like to take this time to unveil our brand new Patient Survey. You can now take the time to fill this out if you have any conditions that we should know about prior to an appointment. Smile New Braunfels believes in safe and professionally executed procedures to help give you that perfect smile. To make an appoint, give us a call at 830-629-8011