A Beautiful Smile

There are many reasons why patients want to whiten their teeth. Some patients could potentially have a work event, photo shoot, other engagements where looks are necessary, or they just want to possess that beautiful smile. Many of our patients have looked into the mirror and were unsatisfied with their brown or yellow looking smile. However, they’ll make the mistake of seeking out expensive dental work. Obtaining that beautiful smile is closer, and less expensive, than you may think, and receiving it is just one goal Smile New Braunfels wants you to have. Today we want to share with you more about our teeth whitening process.

While this process is quick and inexpensive, it’s also safe. Our first appointment will be focused on what portion of your teeth you’d want bleached – upper teeth, lower, or both. From then on, we’ll set up bleach splints that are easily ready in a day or two. Once the time has come, we’ll provide you with a special bleaching agent that you’ll only apply a few hours per day. The bleaching agent will then work to remove the stains without altering the tooth’s structure or pre-existing dental work. And once your teeth finally reach the brightness desired, only occasional after-treatment is necessary to maintain your new look. The simple tool a patient needs that we provide is a specialized mouth guard to hold the bleach in place.

The key benefits of teeth whitening include its flexibility for people of all ages, its correction of yellow and brown tooth stains, and its near permanent solution for a ‘dull’ smile. Smile New Braunfels uses the latest in teeth bleaching technology and ensures a safe way for our patients to have the smile they deserve. Don’t wait to achieve teeth whitening with an expensive doctor – receive this treatment from someone local and at a low cost. Make an appointment when you call 830-629-8011.

Also be sure to check out our video on the teeth whitening process in the video above.