Safe & Professional Cosmetic Procedures

There’s a definite worry when it comes to visiting anyone in the health care arena. Dealing with a doctor, dealing with a specialist, or even dealing with - in this case - a professional dentist causes questions that are attached to the giant “what if” questions that feed into our anxieties. Massive stereotypes such as “the dentist hounds on me because I haven’t flossed my teeth” is a common myth that we’re here to criticize and/or make you feel bad over not having a routine solidified in their daily schedule. So we’ll make the record crystal clear for anyone who might be hesitant about making that initial appointment: we’re here to help you. The office of Jim Peck DDS is only set out to accomplish what is safe and professional for all of our patients.

During our first appointment together, the initial necessary step before determining what we’ll have to work on with you are examining your teeth. No one has to jump the gun on any massive surgeries, medications, or any other unprofessional pre-judgments. And if there is any cosmetic procedure that is needed to be done, we’ll discuss it in a clear manner what we’ll need from you; time, preparation, and of course money. There’s no piece of information that we’ll keep in hiding, and for reassurance, we’ll discuss the step-by-step process of how such cosmetic procedure will work. Any visit, no matter how long the procedure takes, our office will make sure you’re comfortable enough to go through with it. As for after-pain, we’ll share with you what we’ll think is the best approach to handling yourself when you leave for home.

Smile New Braunfels holds, to the highest honor, the definitions of “safe” and “professional.” We want you to come in and leave with a new and improved smile on your face. Our office is here to help you; not judge, not criticize, and definitely not to harass you about your teeth. Let’s leave self-diagnosing and pre-conceived notions at the door and solve any problems you may be experiencing. If you’re curious as to any of our services, take a look to see what Smile New Braunfels can do for you. Asking questions or setting up an appointment can be made when you give us a call at your convenience: 830-629-8011.