Don’t Skip! Brush!


Most who live the life of the average Work-A-Day woman or man will be crushed with an ugly thing called stress. And while we’ve certainly discussed the harmful effects of Bruxism in our previous blog post, there’s another deadly side effect of stress. Now, our ignorance toward our teeth extends to all places in life. When we skip a day of flossing and brushing, we simply fall into the nasty habit of continual skips. However, no stress could be worth a life. Yes, you read correctly, life. The scary thing about not brushing or flossing is that you’re more likely at risk for Periodontal Disease. This is the primary reason why shouldn’t skip and get into that routine of daily brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouth wash.

We all know a little of Periodontal Disease: we refuse to brush or floss, the plaque sticks, and then you’ll be wondering why on earth your teeth are bleeding. However, it’s simply not just the bleeding you’ll have to be worried about. When this deadly disease hits, your immune system will be lowered. This means you’ll be more receptive to the flu, stomach viruses and more ailments that can cause a serious hindrance in your schedule. And that’s not the worst of it; you’ll also be at risk for an assortment of cancers as well as heart disease. That is what we mean when we say your life depends on that daily schedule of brushing/flossing. 

Yes, our lives are incredibly stressful; we’re always running from one place to the next. As a society, we’ve seemed to neglect our own health due to our stressful work lives. No matter the agenda, always remember that nothing is worth risking your life over. If you feel you’re already being affected by, or are at risk for Periodontal Disease, give us a call. Here at Smile New Braunfels, we believe in safe and professional procedures to maintain your smile. If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment with us, give us a call at 830-629-8011.